Easy Ways to Give

We have several ways to make it easy for you to give to LifePointe:




You can place a check or cash in our regular offering envelope. Starting in December, only one category will appear on the envelope called One Ministry Fund.** You can also scan the QR code on the envelope with your smart phone. This will send you to our online giving option through The City. You also have the option to set up auto giving through your own bank account. Contact your bank directly to find out if this option is available.

Go to lifepointe.onthecity.org/give to set up online giving. It’s an easy, automated way to make a one-time gift or to set up a recurring gift under the One Ministry Fund – General Fund** designation. Also, by giving to LifePointe through The City you can check your giving record at any time. To learn more about The City, CLICK HERE.

Send a text to (916) 472-0020 to give. Follow the prompts to set up your secure text giving. Once you fill out your payment information it will be remembered for future donations. Once a donation is made you will receive an email receipt. This can be a one-time gift or you can set up a recurring gift.

Do you have stocks. mutual funds, bonds or other assets of this type you’d like to donate to LifePointe? We have a trade account available. For more information about these and other ways to give non-cash gifts, contact Rick McGill: r.mcgill@lifepointe.org

**Those who give their gifts to LifePointe over the next two years (December 2015 to December 2017) will give to the One Ministry Fund.

Everything we do at LifePointe is missional and every dollar you give to God through LifePointe matters. This One Ministry Fund incorporates our regular operating budgets, benevolence and missions projects. It will also go to securing our future. By designating a single One Ministry Fund, those who give to LifePointe— whether a first-time giver or a regular giver—will be able to celebrate the total giving number they are engaging in through the BEYOND Initiative over the next two years.

Want to know more about the BEYOND initiative? CLICK HERE to learn more.