Our Missions are all about helping every person grow a heart of compassion, so that they can bring hope to people in need. In order to accomplish this, we look to develop strategic partnerships globally and locally. In addition, we look for opportunities to care for those who are hurting in our own congregation.


The local communities of Elk Grove and Sacramento also afford us many opportunities to grow our heart of compassion as we spread hope. We partner with a number of organizations including Love INC-Sacramento, Elk Grove Food Bank, The Gift of Groceries – New Hope Community Church, Elk Grove Winter Sanctuary (EG WINS), and the Elk Grove Teen Center. Their close proximity affords us greater opportunity to serve on regular basis.

We are a part of The Church at Elk Grove and participate in annual community services events such as Share-A-Sole shoe drive and Weekend of Service.

We also provide regional support for Verve – a church located near the Vegas strip — whose mission is to reach those on the strip that are far from God — Stadia New Church Strategies in Irvine, CA, William Jessup University in Rocklin, CA and Drew & Jen Baltzley of Baltzley Family Ministry in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Daughter Church Plant: Unite Church, Pasadena

LifePointe has joined Christ’s Church of the Valley (CCV), and Purpose Church in Pomona, CA, along with support from Stadia and Transformational Ministries to plant Unite Church in Pasadena in Summer 2017. Why Pasadena? Pasadena is a noteworthy city in California. With locations such as the Rose Bowl, events like the Tournament of Roses Parade, a major Amtrak station, and nine colleges and universities in the area, the city is primed to make significant impact on a large scale. Of the 139,731 residents, 46.9% of the population don’t attend church at all. Also, Pasadena is known for it’s poverty and is physically segregated. It is #3 on the top 101 cities with the largest percentage of people in homes or halfway houses for drug/alcohol abuse (for populations of 50,000+). Our mission is to UNITE the people of Pasadena with God and others!


Mexico Missions

Every Spring we take a team down to Tecate, Mexico to provide housing for people who can’t accomplish this basic task on their own. Our team also hosts a Vacation Bible School for the local children while they are there. Click here to find out more about our trips to Mexico.

Church Plant in Chone, Ecuador

LifePointe and our partner churches (Impact Church in South Sac and Family Life Church in Galt), teamed up with Stadia and Compassion International to plant a church in Chone, Ecuador in 2013. Our three churches raised the funds to purchase the land and construct the church building. Pastor Felix, with his wife Jacqueline, lead the church. In November 2013, Pastor Chris, Pastor Barry (Impact Church) and Pastor Rick (Family Life Church) collectively took a team down to Ecuador to participate in the new church planting. We are taking another team down to Ecuador in November 2017.

Compassion International (CI)

Part of the vision of the church plant in Chone, Ecuador was to start a children’s ministry that reaches out to the community. CI made this possible by giving our three churches the opportunity to sponsor 200 children in Chone in 2013. LifePointe families now sponsor over 150 of those children. Sponsorships through CI will help pull the children of Chone, Ecuador out of poverty by providing them with an education (through our local church plant), providing food and clothing, working closely with the families firsthand and most importantly…SHARING JESUS WITH THEM.


  • Staffed by 6 people: Pastor Ramon, his wife Ismelda, the manager Flor, the chef Maria, and two tutors-Mayra & Mirian.
  • The staff is paid via church offerings, not through Compassion Int’l
  • Ramon & Ismelda live on site, but the rest of the staff lives in the community
  • Children of the staff members are sponsored
  • Each staff member has gone through seminary training for their job
  • The project runs 4 days a week, Monday-Thursday and the children rotate, each coming 2 days a week
  • About 200 children attend our site; it’s a relatively young group since the project is only 4 years old.
  • The project staff KNOWS the children there–they make home visits to each child 4 times a year to help assess need, living situation, how the child is cared for, etc.


  • Letters are delivered once a month to the project
  • Children are required to write to their sponsors at least twice a year, even if they do not hear from you
  • Younger children are given form letters, older children will have free space to write as they wish


  • Every sponsored child is living on less than $2 a day to qualify for sponsorship
  • Four-fold focus: spiritual, physical, cognitive, socio-emotional
  • Each child gets a medical check-up twice a year

WHAT SETS COMPASSION APART: (the biggest child-focused help agency in the world)

  • Christ centered (all employees and local church partners are Christians. The gospel is at the center of every program, method, and action)
  • Child focused (directly engages each child holistically: spiritual, economic, educational, social, and physical needs all addressed.)
  • Church based (the local church facilitates every compassion project)

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